A Simple Gift!

Since I have to pick, my primary love language is Gifts! When I want to encourage someone, my first idea is always to give them something I know they love. That's how I communicate to them that I know them, I care about them, I'm thinking of them, and I pay attention to little details … Continue reading A Simple Gift!

And ACTion: Acts of Service!

Take 3... and ACTion! For as far back as I can recall, Acts of Service has been my number one love language. Now when I was a little girl, the term love language had not yet been coined BUT in my mind, it was understood. I grew up in Trinidad, West Indies in a very … Continue reading And ACTion: Acts of Service!

Gift Me Your Words!

  Gift Me Your Words I best receive love in two languages- "Words Of Affirmation" and "Quality Time". However, my slightly more dominant love language is "Words Of Affirmation". I am a lover of words. Not just words, but quality words. One time my grandpa (a man of few, but powerful words) sent me a … Continue reading Gift Me Your Words!