The Comfort of Words!

I think my love language is “Words of Affirmation”. I’ve always paid more attention to words and what they mean and the tone of how the person says it. Words are used everyday in our lives to communicate, sometimes used for good and sometimes used for bad. Sometimes they make us strong and other times … Continue reading The Comfort of Words!

A Simple Gift!

Since I have to pick, my primary love language is Gifts! When I want to encourage someone, my first idea is always to give them something I know they love. That's how I communicate to them that I know them, I care about them, I'm thinking of them, and I pay attention to little details … Continue reading A Simple Gift!

And ACTion: Acts of Service!

Take 3... and ACTion! For as far back as I can recall, Acts of Service has been my number one love language. Now when I was a little girl, the term love language had not yet been coined BUT in my mind, it was understood. I grew up in Trinidad, West Indies in a very … Continue reading And ACTion: Acts of Service!

Gift Me Your Words!

  Gift Me Your Words I best receive love in two languages- "Words Of Affirmation" and "Quality Time". However, my slightly more dominant love language is "Words Of Affirmation". I am a lover of words. Not just words, but quality words. One time my grandpa (a man of few, but powerful words) sent me a … Continue reading Gift Me Your Words!

Stopping The Fight: Keys to help you and your teen stop fighting so much!

Read This Before You Fight With Your Teenager...Again My daughter Olive wants to grow up and live in a van creating art while traveling around the country. I know. That’s been her dream since she was six years old, and at that time, I told her she could be and do anything she wanted in … Continue reading Stopping The Fight: Keys to help you and your teen stop fighting so much!

Family Matters: New Goals for A New Level of Family

It’s that time of year again—the time when we reflect on the year behind us and look forward to the year ahead of us.  In January, everyone will be talking about their resolutions.  Statistics show, however, that the vast majority of people will fall off their resolution wagon before the end of the month.   … Continue reading Family Matters: New Goals for A New Level of Family

Thoughts of a (Former) teenage girl!

“I feel angry about everything!” “I don’t really want to be bothered by anyone right now…” “I would rather be anywhere else, doing anything else, than here hanging out with my family.”                 Those are just a few of the thoughts I had as a teenage girl.  Sounds harsh, huh?  Well, hormones are powerful – … Continue reading Thoughts of a (Former) teenage girl!

The Art of Listening

"For example, one of our salesman ( whom we will call Al) took me to interview the late Francis O'Neil, a large paper converter and manufacturer.  You see, Mr. O'Neil was very highly regarded in his perspective industry.  He also had the reputation of being a man of few words. "After the usual introductions, Mr. … Continue reading The Art of Listening